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Over a ten year period, American Incite assisted The Trane Company recruiting more than 120 executives, professionals and engineers during their transformation from an old-line manufacturer to an integrator of technology and global leader in total facility asset management. We worked with their ten Business Units, eighty Corporate and Franchise District field operations, and a number of select strategic partners.  This collaboration included staffing for two entirely new business units (one from scratch); BU's that became the engines behind their drive to market dominance. This is what they have to say:

Jim Schultz EVP Trane Commercial Systems Group

"American Incite impressed us initially with the quality of the people they recruited. They are unique among firms we have used in the level of screening they provide. They make our hiring effort much more productive, and we attribute much of our recent success to the people American Incite found for us."

     Jim Schultz & Brandon Ebeling

        - Trane HQ, LaCrosse, WI

Doug Cohn President, Tampa Bay Trane

…While your fees are substantial, I feel that your efforts to locate, qualify, market the position, and interface as a third party in the finalization process brought value to the process well in excess of your monitory charges.…One of the key values that you provided was the pre-selling that you did with the candidates prior to my discussions with them. In almost every case I had a whole lot less work to do... I found your constant follow-up to be extremely helpful moving the process along. As you know, there are a number of other items on my agenda everyday, and keeping the recruiting activities in the forefront was important to insure we met our deadline…Your constant follow-up and good natured encouragement made the process pleasurable.

Again, your fees are substantial. Perhaps the nicest thing I can say to you is that "you’re worth it".

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Tom Mikulina Vice President Marketing, The Trane Company, Commercial Systems Group

"...I tried to do without your help. It ended up being time-consuming, and quite frankly, we just didn’t have the quality of candidate we were looking for... I’ve got to say that every candidate we finally brought to La Crosse was qualified..."

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John Suzukida Vice President & General Manager, The Trane Company, Asset Management Services

"...Brandon has successfully assisted Trane in a broad cross-section of recruiting assignments…Most recently Brandon has assisted in Trane’s development of the AMS business unit. He has been instrumental in our efforts to fill national and regional positions in engineering, operations and sales…"

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Bruce Hampson  General Manager, The Trane Company, New York Sales District

Not only have you recruited many outstanding individuals that are today the core resource of our Building Automation group in New York, but you have also provided valuable insight and guidance on how the industry works and how to attract and keep good people.

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Doug Michael General Manager, The Trane Company, Louisville, Kentucky

"… We have had some unusual situations over the years, including your effort to re-land the big fish that had already been lost by our normal recruiting procedures. I was truly amazed at how close you got our target to completely reverse his decision, in the course of a single phone call ! … You are a professional in your field... I agree with your own (less than humble) assessment of our relationship. I much prefer having you on my team, to thinking of you working with my competition!

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John Tudor President, Nashville Sales District

"... Our first choice from the local marketplace... rejected my initial offer... I called Brandon for his help…I told him of my experience with the person who rejected my offer. Brandon said that he would like to make contact with him. Through his skills, he was able to convince this individual to reconsider our offer... The end result was we have a new employee… I suspect that most of us do not have an over abundance of skills in recruiting personnel..."

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John A. Clark, District Manager, The Trane Company, Central New York District

"… American Incite…began a concentrated search of the Upstate New York area, reaching into many companies that I was unable to penetrate…we were finally successful in locating and hiring a candidate who has fit my job description to a "T" and has performed exceptionally…"

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John Dillon President, CCI Mechanical, Inc.

"... American Incite handled the entire process in a most professional manner and … I highly recommend Mr. Ebeling and his organization..."

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Eric Ensenat Air Systems, Inc., Energy Management Group

"... I found your process to be extremely thorough, professional and in depth. The time you spent directly with me was very thought provoking... "

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Carroll Heyward W.B. Guimarin & Company, Inc.

"...These three people have upgraded our sales and engineering skills, and we look forward to a bright future together. As we continue to grow, we will be calling on you for additional help in our recruiting efforts..."

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Bob Linford Director, Design/Build, Linford-Scott, Mechanical Contractors & Engineers

"... Concerning your services, I’d like to thank you for your perseverance and insight into people, your ability to provide us with strong and viable candidates for our position was excellent..."

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Industrial Controls

Ken Brookings President and Chief Executive Officer

"... I only agreed to also use your firm to hedge my bet... Not only has your firm presented far more candidates, and found them more quickly, but they were significantly more focused to our needs. Your firm showed an unusual degree of interest and almost uncanny sense in grasping our real needs..."

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