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Business Outcomes...

“ The ability to find and hire the right people can make or break your business. It's as simple as that. ”        - Michael Dell

Do you have a strategy?

American InciteTM earns its way helping companies like yours develop, align, and implement business and talent management strategies that achieve better business outcomes.

...our bottom line is improving your bottom line.

We specialize in helping business leaders like you create customized measurable business optimization strategies that align human capital management and talent practices to business outcomes. The model we use employs a revolutionary technology used in hundreds of business optimization and business turnaround projects where many of the companies were at or near collapse...

Dramatic results at the end of one year include: 

  • Reduced turn-over, often by half;
  • Savings intotal costs of hiring upto70%;
  • Expanding the number of Top Performers from 20% to 80%;
  • Improved sales beyond typical expectations;
  • Profit increases beyond levels generally believed possible and;
  • Increased total business performance by 30%, with 20% to 30% fewer people

Does the potential in your strategy offer results like these? Can you imagine the competitive advantage to your enterprise if you could capture even half or a fraction of these results?

In the final analysis, Core Capacities Exist in the Minds of People ...we help you prevent the hiring of 85-90% of the people you would normally hire and by aligning the right people to jobs they were meant to do and love doing all day long.

Call us, get references, and talk to both private and public sector business leaders who have used this innovative strategy and unique state-of-the-art technology to help them dramatically increase the number of Top Performers resulting in departments of highly effective teams to drive measurable bottom-line business results.

See how we do it...