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Assessment Strategy

Business Case Studies

Longitudinal Performance Reviews

Good assessments produce measurable business outcomes for companies using them. Any vendor you consider should be able to produce a track record of client’s results that clearly demonstrate a return on investment and improved business outcomes. Case Studies and Longitudinal Performance Review are common methods of providing data and measuring results. Employee productivity can be assessed by measuring before and after quality and quantity of work of individuals; and by evaluating the increase in the number of Top Performers. Business unit performance can be evaluated from metrics taken right from the business balance sheets. Investments in any business optimization tools should be able to demonstrate productivity increases of employees and the business. No exceptions.

Ask vendors for hard evidence that their assessment has a demonstrated track record in providing a return on investment, improving business operations, and positively impacting financial outcomes. Evidence is mounting that most personality and behavioral assessment tools cannot demonstrate objective measurable business results. While there are many reasons most of these instruments don’t measure up; the basic challenge is what they measure, personality and behavior, are not static; these traits can change depending on circumstances, and over time. The only truly reliable assessment is one that can measure something that is innate and unchanging; not affected by outside influences such as mood, circumstances, or suggestion.

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