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Assessment Strategy

Business Outcomes

As a leader, what matters to you is performance. As a consultant what matters to us is delivering on that expectation. The strategic talent model we use employs a revolutionary technology developed in the fires of over 400 business turnaround and business optimization projects. The underlying science increases the number of Top Performer yielding dramatic business outcomes that have:

  • Reduced turn-over, often by half;
  • Savings intotal costs of hiring upto70%;
  • Expanding the number of Top Performers from 20% to 80%;
  • Improved sales beyond typical expectations;
  • Profit increases beyond levels generally believed possible and;
  • Increased total business performance by 30%, with 20% fewer people

We do this by preventing the hiring of 85% of the people you would normally hire and aligning the right people to jobs they were meant to do and love doing.

Let us show you this proven method for replacing unpredictable recruiting practices with structured, repeatable processes that produce consistent, predictable results by preventing the hiring of 85-90% of the people you would normally.

Business Case Studies