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Targeted Sourcing

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, says “People are not your most important asset …the right people are”; and the Human Capital Institute says, “Talent Management practices are center stage.”

 In the 21st century, consultants will earn their way helping businesses like yours improve business outcomes by developing strategies that optimize talent performance.

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American Incite TM uses a breakthrough technology proven to identify your future top Peformers. We accomplish this by replacing unpredictable recruiting practices with a structured, repeatable state-of-the-art process that produces consistent, predictable talent outcomes and improved business results.

This astonishing employment pre-seletion science is: 1) helping business leaders prevent the hiring of 85-90% of the people they would normally hire, 2) dramatically increasing the number of Top Performers, and 3) aligning new and existing talent to the right jobs resulting in highly productive teams.

Surveys by business performance experts continue to show that 80% of your business results are produced by just 20% of your people …your Top Performers!

The cost of people is probably your biggest expense. What would be the impact of reducing the cost of people by as much as 70%, and having 80% of your people performing like your top 20% ?

American Incite TM earns its way helping businesses optimize talent management strategies to reduce costs and achieve better business outcomes. Lets discuss the implications of implementing this strategic practice in your organization.

Call American Incite...see how we can help you get more of the right talent aligned to the right tasks, the right teams.