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Turnkey Solutions

Program & Project Management

The  recruiting function is moving center stage from an administrative cost function to strategic partner.

The large fixed costs of traditional in-house recruiting function has driven many executives to explore the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model as a more efficient alternative to managing various elements of the human capital equation, including: infrastructure, staffing, technology, software, onboarding, training, managing search firm and staffing agency relationships, etc. Leaders and managers are free to then focus their business on what it does best, engaging subject matter experts to do the rest.

This escalating trend has propelled rapid growth in highly consultative Turnkey Solutions consisting of bundled services selected from a menu of  options tailored to meet specific custom Program and Project Management needs.

American Incite TM creates competitive advantage and drives successful client business outcomes through Strategic Human Capital Management and Talent Alignment.

Navigating the landscape of service providers can be tricky. Successfully navigating these waters requires executive understanding of the enterprises recruiting pressure and touch points; and recognizing there’s no single best option. That said, developing an optimization strategy for both internal and external recruiting functions include:

  1. selecting solution providers that best align with culture, management style, and goals,
  2. fully integrating collaborative processes, technology, and resources.

Outsourcing can provide high-quality, comprehensive, scalable, flexible, and cost effective support for both external recruiting and internal staffing functions.

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The heart of any Turnkey Solution will include a strategic understanding of your motivators and proven full-lifecycle recruiting project experience. A Turnkey Solution provider can provide critical Program and Project guidance on alternatives for finding and selecting the right talent, and managing the talent acquisition function.

Successful outsourcing relationships develop by exploring and establishing clear guidelines and understanding of the respective recruiting capacity and capability of the Turnkey Solution provider in terms of client requirements.

To learn more about the applications and implications of Program and Project Turnkey Solution Outsourcing review each of the related issues under the section Turnkey Solutions in the menu bar to the right or PDF attachment.

Call American Incite...see how we can help you get more of the right talent aligned to the right tasks, the right teams.