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“Bring me the bad news...

...good news weakens me.”

Industrialist Henry Kaiser

Most Human Capital and Talent Management Practices...

"are not strategic"

According to Dr. John Sullivan, international educator and visionary in the field of human capital management:

Many corporations spend 50 %, as high as 60 %, of their variable costs on people.

Top performers can produce 12 times more than the average worker.

99 % of the people in HR feel, believe, and think they are strategic.

1 % of the people in HR know they are strategic because they have the hard evidence that even a cynical CFO would accept as credible proof of their strategic impact.

Obviously the potential for bottom line impact from increased productivity on human capital expenditures is enormous !
Unfortunately “…the cold reality is that most individuals and HR departments do not have evidence that they have a major strategic impact.”      Worse yet...


While CEO’s and corporate HR leaders face enormous challenges in the “war for talent”; sadly, most executives don’t really understand what strategic human capital management means, what it is, or if their enterprise is actively engaged in strategic practices.  

How do your talent management practices stack up?

is your enterprise in that 1% or 99% ?

What questions would you ask to find out?

Let's have a help you find out !

American InciteTM can help you evaluate these critical issues and develop strategies that lead to effective competitive advantage. Our bottom line is improving your bottom line.