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Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing Solutions for Today’s Market

American Incite, Inc.   provides a reliable single source for all your staffing needs. Our solutions are designed to meet common situations that enterprises encounter in today’s business talent environment.

In addition to our other Business Optimization practices we offer Contract Staffing services that include contract-to-direct conversions; 1099 to W2 conversions; payrolling services; and retiree re-staffing. Our Contract Staffing Services can help you by: reducing Employment Costs; increasing Staffing Flexibility; enabling Sole-Source Staffing ability; providing Temp-to-Direct Conversions, aka Try-Before-You-Buy, to ensure job fit; and by helping you maintain Budget Controls. There are a number of circumstances where our Contract Staffing services are particularly attractive. Some of those situations could include:

  • Hiring freezes that prohibits you from hiring someone !
  • Deadlines for special project that you need completed !
  • Reducing tax risks associated with 1099 independent contractors !
  • Evaluating potential permanent employee skills prior to offering direct employment !
  • Avoid layoffs and the bad press that can be associated with reducing staff !
  • And many more !

Once you select a contract candidate, your involvement in the weekly process is extremely easy!

Call American Incite...see how we can help you get more of the right talent aligned to the right tasks, the right teams.

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Optimize your talent outcomes !

  American Incite, your single source of reliable Contract Staffing solutions designed to meet today’s business talent environment.