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Talent Matters...

Strategy has always been important. But what is different is the way in which value is being created in the new economy. The new value drivers are intangible assets such as the knowledge of your people...your work processes...the culture that allows you to innovate.        (David Norton, The Balanced Scorecard) 

American InciteTM helps business leaders evaluate these critical issues and develop effective strategies that lead to sustainable competitive advantage.

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CEO’s and corporate Talent Leaders face enormous challenges in the “war for talent”. Sadly, most executives don’t really understand what it means to be strategic in relationship to human capital management., what talent management strategy looks like, or if their enterprise is actively engaged in strategic talent practices. Do you?

According to the Human Capital Institute (HCI), “Strategic Human Capital Management is the most powerful lever for innovation and growth in today's knowledge economy. In fact, corporate market value is increasingly defined as the sum of human intangibles - ranging from the public perception of a company's intellectual capacity, to its perceived ability to create new solutions, enter new markets and respond to change. In this new world, new leadership models are emerging. Talent acquisition, empowerment and innovation are moving to center stage, and a new business-driven HCM specialty is forming to drive performance-based strategies towards new growth, better bottom-line results and increased value.”

HCI is a think tank and educational resource for the professionals and executives in management, HR/OD and recruiting, who are at the forefront of this new movement in talent management.

As a member of the Human Capital Institute, American Incite is fully engaged in the new business science of strategic talent management. We teach business leaders how to focus on boosting individual employee and team performance by taking a holistic view of their workforce. This requires finding and managing the right human capital to support company objectives. We show you how to make every person count by increasing the number of Top Performers in every critical role in each department. One way we do this is by helping you evaluate your human capital as a Strategic Asset. Using an Integrated Resource Fulfillment process and state-of-the-art technology we help you define, build, and deploy your talent requirements. Linking talent strategy to business strategy with a focus on holistic, end-to-end workforce fulfillment and management solutions will help you gain competitive advantage and improve business outcomes.

Call us to have a conversation on how we can help you engage your workforce in holistic talent management strategies and practices that:

  • Define Touchpoints and connections among the various talent management practices
  • Recognize the impact of an integrated, aligned and seamless human capital centric organization
  • Identify metrics that can be used to gauge progress and effectiveness of human capital management:
  • Workforce & Succession Planning
  • Talent Acquisition & Alignment
  • Team Development & Deployment
  • Leadership/Employee Engagement & Retention
  • Learning Strategies & Managing Conflict
  • Evaluation & ROI
We can help you boost individual employee and team performance by taking a holistic view of your workforce ?