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Assessment Strategy

What Research Shows

While research shows only 15% of employees are poor workers, 80% of an organization’s production comes from a mere 20% of its people, their Top Performers. In fact the Human Capital Institute found that most company’s human capital efficiency is an astonishing 33%.

Are you using the right assessment ?

—how do you know?

There is little doubt that hiring processes are flawed, even non-existent; moreover, people charged with doing the hiring are either ill suited for the job, poorly trained…or both. The result is poor hiring decisions that have consequences. 

This dilemma of flawed hiring practices and poor performance is explained in the observations of Abraham Maslow, Marcus Buckingham, Peter Drucker, Warren Buffett , Bill Gates and others. What they all say is... that we are all born with an innate core nature, our own unique core wiring that causes each of us to be a certain way.

Gallup, in an extensive 1997 research study confirmed these observations, finding that a person’s innate “wiring” what we call Core Capacity has a profound effect upon a person’s predisposition for success in a particular job.

Aligning a person’s innate Core Capacity with job tasks is the key to developing a Top Performer. By simply aligning the inherent core nature energy and motivation of a person with the work that is required...

we dramatically increase the number of Top Performers.

the most important initiative a company can undertake.


   ...Is this just another behavioral or personality assessment ? No ...our assessment works on a different principle. While behavioral assessments have their place, employment pre-screening is not one of them. Our protocol looks at a person's core motivation to engage in and do a specific job.

Aligning a candidates core motivation to the job improves outcomes.

Proven in the fires of over 400 business turnaround and business optimization projects and independently tested for reliability and valiated this assessment is a legally defensible, state-of-the-art talent selection, team alignment, and corporate learning protocol that has been used across a wide range of industries, company sizes, levels of organizational development and profitability.

Call us to see how aligning a person’s Core Capacity with the right job tasks can help you identify and develop more Top Performers, yielding better talent results and business outcomes.

Context is Everything