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Founders Profile

Brandon Ebeling

Brandon is a talent strategist, executive coach, veteran personnel consultant and entrepreneur.

His core wiring is that of a profound Innovator / Builder-Merchant. This foundational capacity is the underpinning of his creative approach to resolving complex business challenges. In the arena of human capital management Brandon has served the leaders and staff of Large Complex Enterprises (LCE) comprised of multiple business units having complex field order acquisition / order fulfillment operations, as well as Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs), and entrepreneurial venture backed startups. He has also served public sector organizations in education and homeland security initiatives.

His passion in business is collaborating with client teams; and creating and developing strategies and tactics that improve talent results that lead to better business outcomes. As a subject matter expert in the processes of talent acquisition and team alignment, Brandon’s passion is helping leaders and teams understand how to identify, recruit and retain Top Talent. Brandon has successfully completed assignments for companies having complex organizational structures and in various stages of development.

As the creator and developer of state-of-the-art front and back office Enterprise CRM/ATS software known as RecruitTrack; Brandon is particularly qualified for and interested in helping organizations develop and implement effective technology solutions that align business and human capital strategies. Better talent acquisition results in better business outcomes.

Finally, Brandon has a personal interest in applied ethics relating to business practices and professional conduct with a focus on stakeholder accountability between professional associations. His thoughts on the topic have been published in recognized professional journals including The Fordyce Letter; and he is always interested in working on projects integrating better standards and practices relating to association and member stakeholder accountability.

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Professional Practice

       ...areas of interest

  • Helping Clients get the Right Talent
  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
  • Team Building, Motivation and Facilitation
  • Tactical Planning and Implementation
  • Troubleshooting, Creative Problem Solving
  • Strategic Relationship Building
  • Counseling, Motivating, Coaching
  • Business Development
  • High-Level Sales, Customer Service
  • Consulting, Advising
  • Training, Teaching, Use of Technology
  • Applied Ethics for Business Practices and Professional Conduct
  • Writing about any of the above

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