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Executive Search

Our methods & procedures The search business is unlike any other business. No other business has an end product that thinks for itself and makes its own decisions:

  • Executive Search is a Collaboration You and/or your staff will be

    spending a lot of time with the search team that you select so nothing can substitute for good rapport, mutual respect and trust. Choosing a search firm that understands what makes relationships work will improve the chances for a successful search. so make it a point to understand the search process. The more you understand about the process and the closer you work with your recruiter the more you’ll contribute to a successful collaboration.

  • Discovery We realize that search assignments require a substantial investment of time and resources by decision-makers that are responsible for the hire. Therefore, we assist you in assembling the right team from your firm. The company selection team should consist of people from departments who will be affected by the recruiting effort, who agree a search is necessary, and who will make the commitment to engage in the process. We assist in bringing into focus key elements that define the search specification and we help identify issues that may not have been considered. Discussions should include considerations about your business including any aspects that make your organization unique relative to its culture, business plans and strategic market place and product initiatives that are being considered.

  • Qualify the Position Gaining a complete understanding of the duties, responsibilities and authority of the position to be filled will precede an effective search process. An initial investment of time and effort at the beginning of a search will identifying and packaging what the client has to offer and help ensure the best possible candidates are identified and recommended. In addition to any documentation you may have we identify and prioritize the major elements of a search with our Search Navigator.

  • Develop the Specification & Candidate Profile Once this document is completed we arrange for intensive discussions with management and other key individuals of the client selection team with emphasis on achieving the solution to the need behind this position. This collaboration will help to define the qualifications, personality and stature of the individual you seek to attract relative to your organization and the individuals with whom the successful candidate will interface. This process will result in a mutually agreed upon position specification that will serve as the basis for the search.

  • Begin the Search American Incite in conjunction with the client will identify a target pool of candidates and companies that is consistent with the candidate profile. Initial Research is also conducted thorough fresh market analysis to identify individuals who are contributing to the success of target organizations in your market or related industries. We conduct in-depth analysis of target companies trade associations to identify individuals who are making significant contributions to their organizations and industry. We will also review and screen in-house candidates that could be considered for the position.

  •  Prospect Contact and Candidate Selection We contact and talk with viable prospects that are screened by telephone, at some length, highlighting the position specification and what our client has to offer. Resumes may or may not be available; however, we develop profiles on each prospect that we contact. We screen out the unqualified and then conduct additional interviews with the most qualified prospects from the candidate pool.

  • Client Selection Team Communication and Market Analysis Throughout the assignment we maintain frequent phone contact with your selection team. As we identify qualified individuals we contact your selection team to present a confidential summary of each prospective candidate’s background, accomplishments and reasons [tangible and intangible] that they fit the selection criteria of the target position. A confidential written summary on each serious candidate is sent to the your selection team. In addition to search status updates we provide you with an analysis your competition [including compensation and work place issues] and how the marketplace views your organization and the industry as a whole.

  • Candidate Interviews Once the candidate profiles have been reviewed meetings are arranged with candidates that the selection team would like to interview. Upon written request we will conduct reference and background checks and assist in any final negotiations.

  • The Offer It is essential that American Incite manage every aspect and detail of an offer. Besides the close and follow-up, this phase of the recruiting process is critical and should always be initiated by your consultant. We’ve made hundreds of one is better qualified.

  • The Close If there is one factor that is the most critical to any search, it is closing the candidate to insure against counter offers and myriad other events that could cause an accepted offer to fall-off. This process starts from the very beginning of the search, continues throughout, and during a candidates initial assimilation into the new organization. Assistance in "closing" --- with emphasis on both parties making a sound rational decision relative to the respective parties mutual needs and wants.

  • Follow-up Our process includes regular follow-up with the successful candidate and management. Unforeseen issues that might only be identified by a neutral party can arise after a placement. Early identification of potential challenges will help to facilitate a resolution and a smooth transition.

  • Summary We view an initial search with our clients as the beginning of a partnership; therefore, we document our activities throughout the search. Our initial orientation with your firm, industry research and candidate contact serve as preparation to conduct future searches for your firm.

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