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Assessment Strategy

Why Our Approch is Unique !

Core capacities invested through right tasks = optimum contribution  ... Dr. David Mashburn


In 1997 an extensive research study by Gallup revealed that a person’s innate “wiring” has a profound effect upon a person’s predisposition for success in a particular job. This is important because unlike personality and behavior traits that can be modified, this Core Nature, was observed by Abraham Maslow, Macus Buckingham, Peter Drucker and others to be unique and unchanging. Until recently there has been no assessment that could qualify, quantify, or map that innate core “wiring” of an individual to the performance of the job for which they are being considered.

Dr. David Mashburn, in speaking about current trends in optimizing human capital assessment technology says “Everyone is trying to figure out how you work best....the things they are trying to learn more about are the same things we have been focusing on for the past 100 years: talents, skills, competencies, capabilities, behaviors, psychological and emotional maturity, interests, passions, and so on.” He goes on to say “we have all been asking the wrong questions...most organizations haven’t figured out that people are also born predisposed and motivated to perform certain tasks, and to make certain kinds of contributions.”

Only in recent years has there been a way to consistently and reliably identify “core wiring” these unique personal capacities, this intrinsic nature that gives meaning to work. This new technology has been proven to consistently recognize the unique operating capacities and makeup referred to as Core Values” that offer measurable insight into the degree of flow people experience while engaged in performing their tasks. Dr. Mashburn has discovered only one assessment that builds a “reliable correlation and measurable connection” between a person’s innate Core Values capacities (relative energy and strategies) that align the tasks of a specific job an employee is asked to perform; or as Dr. Mashburn puts it: “Core capacities invested through right tasks = optimum contribution.”

This is the first assessment technology to look at employees in the context of the specific tasks of a specific job (the responsibilities and work they are being asked to perform on a daily basis) in a specific organization, aligned to their unique core wiring! This seminal technology is in fact an insightful task capacity matching system that changes the approach to hiring and job alignment by measuring “who people are” rather than “what people are”. It changes the way companies search for people and the way people look for jobs.

American Incite TM is on a mission to help businesses understand and assimilate human capital management strategies that incorporate state-of-the-art talent assessment technology.

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