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Human Capital Audit

Every enterprise must reconcile three propositions:

  1. All business problems are people problems.
  2. What we don’t know about ourselves controls our lives.
  3. What we don’t know about the people around us dictates the success of our business teams.

Often managers’ performance problems are attributed to a lack of training, or morale problems. Problem associates are routinely sent to training and/or therapy expecting it will “take”; and the supervisor, manager will come back re-born into a great leader of people. The problem is that we are sending people who are not “wired” to be managers to the wrong training classes. We are sending employees whose work habits are not driven by lack of skill or intellection or work ethic. They are simply in the wrong job. Sending people to training to learn skills to do work that is not their “real work” is a lose-lose game.

Lynn Ellsworth Taylor, Business Turnaround Expert