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Targeted Sourcing

Better Talent & Business Outcomes

Driving Measurable Results

The 80/20 principle, established by macro-economist Wilfredo Pareto, is a widely accepted rule-of-thumb attributing 80% of an organizations results to 20% of people, the Top Performers, in each business function.

 Targeting Future Top Performers with this breakthrough sourcing technology deliverers results that have changed the Performance Curve for many organizations. Dramatic measurable talent and business outcomes include:

  • Reduced turn-over, often by half;
  • Savings in total costs of hiring upto70%;
  • Expanding the number of Top Performers from 20% to 80%;
  • Improved sales beyond typical expectations;
  • Profit increases beyond levels generally believed possible and;
  • Increased total business performance by 30%, with 20% to 30% fewer people

These astonishing results are accomplished in a straightforward, easy to understand process.

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