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Leadership Consulting



Our custom benchmarking services enable our clients to compare performance, inside or outside of their industry, against other companies that are already achieving world-class business outcomes.

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Our clients use the research and results of a project to guide executives and managers in the creation of thought leadership pieces that provide benchmarking for internal improvement needs.

American Incite TM guides clients in making the changes necessary to build and achieve a benchmark-setting performance culture.Using best practices methodology, developing research and recommendations to meet specific needs, and delivering objective performance indicators can help improve a company’s human capital strategy.

Our associates follow an internationally-recognized Benchmarking Code of Conduct that “provides detailed guidelines for confidentiality, appropriate data use and exchange, and communication”…that contributes to efficient, effective, and ethical benchmarking.

Our team of associates are internationally recognized research professional who are able to:

  • Conduct secondary research,
  • Contact and screen organizations where benchmarking data will be gathered,
  • Create a site visit report that is both qualitative and quantitative,
  • Generate a benchmarking and performance report based on your organization and data gathered from top performers, and
  • Develop a blueprint for closing gaps and elevating your organization’s performance within a specific practice area.

Past projects our associates have done for other professional services enterprises include:

  • Develop and Counsel Employees
  • Create and Manage HR Planning, Policy, and Strategy
  • HR Organization
  • Manage Employee Information
  • Payroll
  • Redeploy and Retire Employees
  • Reward and Retain Employees
  • Source, Recruit, and Select Employees

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