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Leadership Consulting

Executive Transition & Succession Planning

Executive turnover can be the result of an anticipated and well planned transition, a decision to terminate, or an unexpended departure. Whatever the catalyst,  Executive Transition and Succession Planning is essential to business continuity. The ramifications of Executives departures under any circumstances are many and unexpected departures can be very costly.

Effective Executive succession and transition planning should therefore be an essential part of continuity of operations management processes. The process needs to start long before an executive’s departure. Ideally, at a minimum, every business unit and department leader has groomed or at least identified someone capable of stepping up when critical leadership positions become vacant.

Advanced leadership transition planning isn’t just about finding executives who fit current roles but minimizing the risk by identifying future demands of the job and focusing on capturing future opportunities that those changes represent. 

American Incite can help with Executive transition management from departure through recruitment and the installation process. We help implement holistic cradle to grave advanced leadership replacement planning and fulfillment strategies.

Call American Incite...see how we can help you get more of the right talent aligned to the right tasks, the right teams.