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Align Core Capacity...

American InciteTM provides a Strategic Talent Management Framework for Contemporary Business that helps to attract and keep Top Performers.

Want improved business outcomes? Then...align your talent and team core capacities !

The technology we use speeds the process of assessing, selecting, recruiting, and aligning Top Performers. We increase the number of “Top Performers in the critical roles of each department from 20% Top Performers to 80% Top Performers. To do this we use a state-of-the-art system, developed in the fires of business turn-around projects has demonstrated measurable results in more than 400 enterprises. By realigning existing staff and streamlining recruiting of new hires, putting the right people into the right seats, we help increasing the number of Top Performers, resulting in highly productive teams.

Experts agree there is an urgent businesses need for human capital strategies and practices that focus on sound talent management doctrine.

The problem isn’t that businesses are hiring employees whose work habits are driven by lack of skill or intellect or work ethic. They are simply hiring people into the wrong jobs. In fact a performance bell curve for most organizations demonstrates this, showing that 80% of your results are produced by 20% of your people ...your top performers!

In that sense optimizing business performance is a talent management challenge where we help you:

Hire the right people the first time.

Align your existing talent to the right jobs.

 Knowing how to make that happen is a perpetual challenge in every enterprise.

Leaders who figure out how to efficiently and effectively align talent management practices that increase the number of top performers will impact enterprise results with an ROI from reduced costs, increased sales, and improved bottom line.

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