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Our Value Proposition... to business leaders

First, a question; What would be the business impact of a four-fold increase in the number of Top Performers in your most critical business functions ?

 American Incite ™ is a management consulting firm. We specialize in Human Capital Management and Talent Acquisition. Our focus is on  both strategy and execution helping clients identify, attract and retain more of the right talent; your future Top Performers.

Having more of the right talent aligned to the right jobs and the right teams naturally increases the productive capacity of an enterprise; resulting in better business outcomes.

Whether a firm is experiencing dynamic growth or struggling, American Incite TM helps business leaders in large complex enterprise, small/medium sized business and start-up ventures explore, develop and implement new strategies that will unlock and release the potential energy of your talent and teams; driving the enterprise to reach new levels of performance and success !

Call  American Incite TM to see how we help you increase the talent capacity of your company. Learn how we can help you increase your number of  Top Performers, the right people doing the right jobs. Let us show you how having more Top Performers, the right talent, aligned to the right teams and tasks increases the collective output of both individual and team. See how these increases in both personal performance and Team capacity lead to higher output, improved business outcomes and a better bottom line.

American Incite earns its way helping businesses optimize talent management strategies to achieve better business outcomes...

our bottom line is improving your bottom line.

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The 80/20 Rule is alive and well...

In business, there are individuals at every level of an organization operating at high levels of productivity, people who are described as Top Performers; people whose superior productive capacity results in as much as 80% of the output. What is  “ it ”   that allows one person doing the same relative tasks as another to be four times more productive than another; even when they have roughly equivalent backgrounds in competencies (educations, experiences, and behavioral traits)? American Incite ™ answers that question, helping clients increase the number of Top Performers. We help you get more of the right talent, aligned to the right teams and tasks.

Selecting a firm to optimize the acquisition of your company's brain trust should be handled with the same care and due diligence that one uses when selecting any other mission critical business consultant.

American Incite has the experience, the right alliance partners and state-of-the-art technology to help you identify, attract, and retain more of the right talent ...your future Top Performers.

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Talent Acquisition / Executive Search / Recruiting

Business Optimization / Talent Leadership Consulting

Talent Assessment  & Human Capital Audits

Call American Incite ™ ...see how we can help you get more of the right talent aligned to the right tasks, the right teams.