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Executive Search

 Our process Employers can find and attract people throughvarious channels, including networks, advertisements and recruiters. American Incite is effective because its of its approach. We gather, evaluate, provide, and act on information; which is used to make critical decisions that increases the odds of a successful outcome.

  • We Gather Information We enable the gathering of information by assisting in and expediting the process. We help identify critical information by interacting and collaborating with your staff and managers.
  • We Evaluate Information We apply the information we gathered and integrate that with our personal judgment in fulfilling the expectations and needs of both individuals and employers.
  • We Provide & Act on Information Once we have gathered and evaluated information that will impact the outcome of a search we then provide that information to our clients so that it can be acted on with the urgency that is required to facilitate a positive outcome.
  • We Increase Your Odds We substantially enhance an employer's chances of attracting the right talent for critical positions that msut be filled and we increase odds offers of employment will be accepted and stick.

Our methods & procedures