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The 80/20 principle, established by macro-economist Wilfredo Pareto, is a widely accepted rule-of-thumb attributing 80% of an organizations results to 20% of people, the Top Performers, in each business function.

Is there any question that increasing the number of Top Performers is essential to creating highly productive teams ?

Driving Measurable Results

 American InciteTM employes breakthrough technologies to deliverer results that have changed the Performance Curve for many organizations yielding dramatic measurable business outcomes that have:

  • Reduced turn-over, often by half;
  • Savings intotal costs of hiring upto70%;
  • Expanding the number of Top Performers from 20% to 80%;
  • Improved sales beyond typical expectations;
  • Profit increases beyond levels generally believed possible and;
  • Increased total business performance by 30%, with 20% to 30% fewer people

These astonishing results are accomplished in a straightforward, easy to understand process of realigning existing Talent and preventing the hiring of 85-90% of the people you would normally hire.