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Targeted Sourcing

Identifying Top Performers

 We use state-of-the-art technology to quickly identify your company’s future top performers.

Your Top Performers are used as the benchmark to pre-select future top performers from the incoming applicants for a given job.

IMPORTANTLY, our Targeted Sourcing process is different.  We eliminate the front-loaded process of sorting and reading through unqualified applicants resumes, conducting pre-interview phone screens and personal interviews. Instead you invite only pre-qualified candidates to participate in further rigorous screening. You spend your time meeting and getting to know people who match the highest benchmark standards of your current Top Performers.

Here's how it works. Before a person can become a candidate, every applicant for a given job is sent an email encouraging them to take the first step in your assessment process. Completing the online assessment takes ten minutes or less. Applicants automatically receive their assessment results and hiring managers receive an immediate recommendation about an applicants potential for further consideration based on the benchmark standards of your current Top Performers.

We help you saves time, money and resources in finding the right candidates and eliminating those who are not going to prosper in the job.We accomplish this using state-of-the-art patent pending pattern-matching and pattern-recognition algorithms validated to find innate Core Values patterns in your existing top performers. Being able to consistently identify new future Top Performers, while screening out a vast majority of future low performers dramatically increases the success rate of finding Top Performers that shift the performance bell-curve; in turn dramatically impacting the business outcomes of your enterprise.

This technology isn't another behavioral or personality assessments; rather it's the first Employment Pre-Selection technology designed and validated to be a true objective screen positioned at the very beginning of the hiring process.

Learn how our process, as shown in longitudinal studies, has demonstrated the ability to screen out 85% of the people you would normally, yielding upto 70% savings in total cost of hiring.

Better Outcomes

Call American Incite...see how we can help you get more of the right talent aligned to the right tasks, the right teams.