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Our Value Proposition... for job seekers

American Incite would like to help every person that calls or submits a resume find employment. While limited resouces make that impractical we've done the next best thing by providing the means to help you choose a career, advance in a career or change careers.

Our years of experience have taught us two major things about helping someone find the right job for them. 1. Work in a career you love and 2. Satisfy the needs you have for the job. Whether it is more money, the chance for advancement, being able to spend more time with your family or whatever other goals you may have for yourself in your career is here to help you achieve those goals.

Visit and sign up for our new resource, providing people with a number of free resources and sophisticated tools typically only available to select individuals chosen by executive search firms as candidates in employer retained search assignments.   

Our free resources include a Resume Wizard, advice on acing an interview, careers assessment tools for those wanting to change or just starting out in a career. And if you need further education for your dream job, we can assist you with find a school that offers the courses you need. We also boast the largest job listing site offering you ways to view local as well as nationwide job openings in your chosen career. will teach you how to research a prospective company as well as keep you updated on trends in your field. Lastly we will give you simple tips both on our website and provide webinars via GoTo Meeting on how to really stand out as an employee that will help you achieve advancement in your chosen field.


     ...your Lifetime Career Resource Center.