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Talent Lifecycle...

In Good to Great, Jim Collins introduced the metaphor of the bus:

He said the old adage people are your most important assets” turns out to be wrong....People are not your most important asset, “the right people are.”

Aligning & Optimizing

Talent Management Practices


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American Incite’s core practice areas include strategic and tactical consulting to large and small enterprises. We use the following process of best practices in Human Capital Management Process coupled with state-of-the-art enabling technology to support measurable talent and business outcomes are achieved.

Planning: at American Incite, we start with a comprehensive Human Capital Audit that aligns your workforce and that enables your enterprise to build a powerful talent pipeline to Top Performing Teams. Building each department with people who are similar to your current Top Performers enables better levels of engagement between stakeholders at all levels of the enterprise, increases job performance, and improves business results.

Acquisition: at American Incite, we apply state-of-the-art science and technology; changing the costly hiring funnel to an efficient talent acquisition engine; preventing you from hiring 85% of the people you would normally hire. Having the ability to attract, select and hire the Right Talent directly impacts you ROI and bottom line.

Engagement: according to The Human Capital Institute; having and engaging more Top Performers is a precursor to higher levels of commitment and discretionary effort. American Incite uses the only employment pre-selection instrument that taps the hearts and minds of employees; proven to increase the number of Top Performers.

Development: Understanding present and future workforce needs is essential to executing a good strategy. American Incite uses a suite of sophisticated pre-employment protocols to align and distribute the Tasks of your people and teams. When tasks are distributed properly people more easily achieve higher levels of engagement, performance, and success.

Deployment: the suite of instruments American Incite uses was developed specifically to solve the challenges of deploying the right people into jobs that dovetail with each person’s core innate unchanging nature....the right talent in the right place doing the right things at the right time...all day long.

Leadership: using a business Relationship Dynamic and Conflict Resolution protocols, American Incite helps companies’ align leadership to the right talent, training, and management skills at all levels. Aligning core capacities to core competencies creates a talent mindset that supports individuals and teams throughout the enterprise. This helps increase performance by creating a talent culture designed to attract, develop, engage, and retain people in jobs they were meant to do and love doing. Employees join companies...they leave managers.

Retention: aligning core capacities to core competencies makes it much easier to maintain a high rate of renewed attraction...aka retention. Retention is easier when employees are meaningfully engaged in their work and supported by management. ROI improves and business outcomes increase when an organization has tools that enable management to develop organizations staffed with the “right people” doing the “right jobs”.

Evaluation: Strategic Talent Alignment drives better business outcomes from high cumulative impacts along the entire talent management chain. More of the right people in the right seats inevitably translate into a more productive environment. Investments on the front end of human capital asset management practices result in reduced processing, improved assessment, and higher quality selection and a better ROI. American Incite TM helps clients create an enterprise with people aligned to their core nature doing the jobs they love to do, all day long.

IN SUMMARY: Increasing the number of Top Performers is essential to creating highly productive teams. The breakthrough technology we employ has delivered results along the entire talent management life cycle, changing the Performance Curve for many organizations yielding dramatic measurable business outcome. Let's have a conversation to see how American Incite can help improve your strategy.

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