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Executive Audit

Employees join companies...

they leave managers...

 In other words, it's essential to assess the capacity of your Executive Team. Aligning leadership core capacities with the right talent, training, and management skills at all levels creates a talent mindset that supports individuals and teams throughout the enterprise.

We conduct an Executive Team assessment evaluating the strength and balance of your current leadership team. We facilitate a review of past performance relative to goals and objectives for the company and for each person over the past few years.

Then we help the team to clarify current strategies for company development over the coming few years, specifying the new challenges, different nature of individual assignments and the Core Values Nature of each executive.

The end result is a more focused team with clear identification of challenges for each person and a strategic leadership plan that guides the CEO in further development of each team member. We also identify team weaknesses such as too little action/results energy and too much assess/solve energy.

We guide the CEO in deciding whether to hire new team members, reposition and re-commission exiting team members and where administrative support positions may be warranted. This is typically a half or full-day, client-site event, a very powerful and success-creating process that has a tremendous and beneficial impact on the team and company.

Additional meeting and training time, both before and after the Executive Team Profile, will be conducted with the CEO, as well as follow-up meetings at 30 and 90 days after the session.