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at American InciteTM

...our bottom line is improving your bottom line.

 As a leader, what matters to you is performance. As a consultant what matters to us is delivering on that expecation. The strategic talent model we use employs a revolutionary technology developed in the fires of over 400 business turnaround projects. The underlying science increases the number of Top Performer yielding dramatic business outcomes that have:

  • Reduced turn-over, often by half;
  • Savings in total costs of hiring up to70%;
  • Expanding the number of Top Performers from 20% to 80%;
  • Improved sales beyond typical expectations;
  • Profit increases beyond levels generally believed possible and;
  • Increased total business performance by 30%, with 20% to 30% fewer people

Can you imagine the competitive advantage to your enterprise if you you could capture half, or even a fraction of these business outcomes ?

Results like these come from a strategy that prevents the hiring of 85-90% of the people a company would normally hire and by aligning the right people to jobs they were meant to do and love doing.

Do you have a strategy? Even if you do... has it produced this kind of potential ?

Call us, get referances, and talk to both private and public sector business leaders who have used this innovative strategy and unique state-of-the-art technology to help them dramatically increase the number of Top Performers resulting in departments of highly effective teams to drive measurable bottom-line business results.